Four prostitutes sentenced to 200-hour sweeping, cleaning

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A Magistrate of a Tinubu Magistrates’ Courts
has sentenced four women to 200 hours of
community service after they pleaded guilty to
the charge of prostitution brought against them
by the police on Tuesday.
The women-Blessing Esu, 28; Nancy Brownson,
35; Patricia Timba, 34 and Josephine Idoga, 21-
were asked to sweep and clean the Tinubu
Magistrate’s Court and its environs for the
period of the punishment.
The police had told the court that the ladies of
easy virtue were caught on November 11, 2013
and on different streets soliciting customers.
The investigating police officer particularly said
the area was within vicinity of banks.
A raid was said to have been conducted around
2.25am on the Victoria Island area of Lagos.
They were apprehended and detained by the
police before being taken to court.
The single count read, “That you, Blessing Esu,
Nancy Brownson, Patricia Timba, and Josephine
Idoga, on…

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