My Blind Husband Loves Sex Too Much – Housewife Begs Court To Dissolve Marriage

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A 38-year-old housewife, Lami Shaibu, yesterday, urged a Grade 1 Area Court, Aso Pada, Mararaba, Nasarawa State, to dissolve her marriage to her blind husband, Ibrahim, for alleged excessive sexual urge.

Lami of Aso Pada told the court that she was no longer interested in the 15-month-old marriage.

She said: “I urge the court to dissolve this marriage because I can’t stand his excessive sexual urge. He likes sex too much, I can’t bear it.

“Since I got married to him, there is no peace in the house, he always beats me, he doesn’t forgive and does not provide food for the house.

“Most times, he would have sex with me from midnight till early hours of the morning, even when I am crying, he will not stop.”

Lami said: “It is because of his too much sexual demands that made me to move away from him. I now stay…

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