Suspect: I Sold Cannabis to Feed My Three Wives

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A fisherman in Bayelsa State has admitted
selling cannabis in order to support the welfare
of his three wives and five children.
Yoto Seibokuro, 27, according to the British
Broadcasting Corporation (BBC),was arrested in
the city of Yenagoa last month for dealing in
He and six other suspects – three men and three
women – were paraded before journalists with
the drugs allegedly found in their possession,
including a 14.4kilogram haul found at the
home of a suspect who said it belonged to an
unnamed friend.
Seibokuro is reported as saying he started
selling drugs two years ago to augment his
“My income from fishing was no longer
sufficient to take care of my large family,” he
Two other suspects in the custody of the
National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
(NDLEA) also said they only started selling
cannabis when they got into financial difficulty.
“I pray God…

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