Angry Women Protest: Save Us From Ritual Killings and Marriages To Deities

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At least 100 women last Tuesday stormed the Enugu State Government House, protesting against alleged ritual killings and forceful marriages to traditional deities.

Photo: Women in Enugu protest agains ritual killings and forceful marriages

According to the claims, 11 ladies living in their respective communities were murdered within a space of 2 weeks.

The women alleged that suspected ritual killers and chief priests of different deities in the Enugu-Ezike, Igboeze-North Local Government Area of the state had roles to play in the death of the deceased.

Wearing black dresses and holding palm leaves, the protesting women pleaded with Governor Sullivan Chime to ban forceful marriages to traditional gods in council areas.

The protesters also pleaded with Chime to come to their aid to unravel and stop the killing of women through fetish activities of chief priests and deities in Enugu Ezike.

Their demands were listed in a petition to the governor at the Government House gate. The petition reads in part:

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