SHOCKING: You’ll Not Believe How Mob Beats Lecturer To Death For A Crime He Did Not Commit

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A lecturer with  the Federal College of Education, F CE,  Obudu,  Mr Livinus Agbor, has been hacked  to death by a mob in Vandeikya, Benue State.

Mr Agbor, a lecturer in the Department of Educational Planning, was  said to be down with severe cerebral malaria which made him restless and uncoordinated and after three days of treatment at a private hospital  at Obudu without any improvement, he was rushed by his younger brother to neighbouring Vandeikya General Hospital in Benue State  for further medical attention  where he was placed on admission.

According to one of his colleagues, one Dr Achigbe, “while in the hospital, his younger brother went to buy food, leaving him on his hospital bed.

“When the younger brother left for the town, the patient got out of his bed and strayed out of the hospital premises to the Vandeikya motor  park, telling the drivers that he wanted…

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