The Biggest Anti-Aging Blunders Women Make

Wrinkles are part of the innate aging process and you should not be ashamed over a few fine lines. But if you want to prolong the time span of your youthful glow there are a few things that can slow down the aging process while some blunders that can hasten it. Take care not to make any of these anti-aging mistakes.

Skipping out on sunscreen over winter

Sunscreen is the biggest arsenal against an aging skin. Sure, the weather is not exactly beachy anymore but the sun’s harmful UV rays don’t stop shining throughout the year. Constant exposure to the sun can cause significant damage to your skin, causing spotting, wrinkling, and losing skin elasticity. Photoaging is not a component of the normal aging process, which means it can be prevented by making use of broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF ranging between15-30. Apply sunscreen every day all year round.

Skimping on sunglasses

A pair of dap sunglasses not only enhances your cool level, but it also helps reduce the lines that form around the eyes. Sheltering your eyes from the sun’s glaring rays prevents wrinkles that can start to form from constant squinting of your eyes. Moreover, sunglasses will shield your eyeballs and eyelids that are just as susceptible to the rays damage as the rest of your eye. The best choices for maximum coverage are the ones with big lenses. However, be sure to check the label as not all shades offer protection against the UV rays.

Disrupting your sleep schedule

You are probably aware that getting enough sleep is key to enhancing and maintaining your beauty. But the manner in which you sleep may just be as important as how long you sleep. Following a consistent sleep schedule ensures that you go through all the stages of a sleep cycle, including the REM stage, during which most experts agree is the period when the body and skin heals and grows more deeply. Disrupting a routine sleep cycle causes release of hormones that induce inflammation which is a major contributor to aging.
While you take these measures to keep your skin looking youthful, place special emphasis on the skin on your face, hands, neck and chest. The skin in these areas tends to be very delicate and lacks oil glands; hence, they are prone to wrinkling and sun damage.

Source: Athlete


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