Obasanjo’s Sniper Exposé: Top Security Agents Begin Work

Obasanjo’s Sniper Exposé: Top Security Agents Begin Work


Top men in security agencies have launched a national wide probe into Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s claim that about 1,000 Nigerians, many of them strong politicians, have been placed under some sort of watch list by the Goodluck Jonathan-led Presidency.

“We have resorted to discreet investigation because of the sensitive matters raised in the letter. These are not what you put in the public domain at this initial stage because it might be prejudiced by political consideration. 

“And if you look at the letter, it contained political issues mixed with security concerns. So, we decided to be careful not to play to the gallery because national security is at stake. 

“The proper thing is to conduct an in-depth probe devoid of any political colour because Obasanjo might have some privileged information unknown to the government.”

The probe, being coordinated by the Office of the National Security Adviser, may be extended to allegations raised by Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi and ex-Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, a source told The Nation.

The security agencies are expected to go deep into the veracity or otherwise of the allegations. A top source said: “I can confirm that investigation of security issues in Obasanjo’s letter, especially the training of snipers, is ongoing. Yet, we must look at all angles knowing full well that whatever we do today will be on record for the succeeding administrations.”

Asked how long the investigation will take, the top source replied: “As soon as practicable, but I think within one month, we should go far.”

Recall that ex-President Obasanjo, in his letter to Jonathan had said that:
“The Yoruba adage says: ‘The man with whose head coconut is broken may not live to savour the taste of the succulent fruit.’ Those who advise you to go hard on those who oppose you are your worst enemies. Democratic politics admits and is permissive of supporters and opponents.”

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