My bosses wife, is the head of Admin/ Personnel, and I report directly to her.


I was due for promotion since last year. Whenever I ask about it, she will always tell me that until I do what I am supposed to do. She kept buying  me gifts that made my wife to start suspecting I was having an affair with her.

She had not told me her intention until yesterday, when I got to the office, she sent for me. On getting there, she stretched her hands wide open for me. I immediately halted at the door. She now asked me to come and sit down which I did. She told me me that my promotion was due but its in my hands.

What am I supposed to do ma, I asked. To which she responded in anger, can’t u see that am in love with u?

She ordered me out of her office and told me to get back to her when I’m ready.

I left the office immediately. I don’t know what to do, I’m hiding it from my wife as the last gift she bought for me brought us a big quarrel. Should I tell the husband who is my overall boss, though he is in UK now?


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