HORRIBLE: Cultists Cut Open, Remove Man’s Internal Organs In Broad Day Light

There was chaos on Bajulaiye Road, Somolu, Lagos State on Friday evening after five suspected cult members stabbed a young man in the middle of the road and left to die.


The cultists cut the yet-to-be identified man and pulled out his internal organs. According to an eyewitness such attacks had become common place.

The incident was said to have occurred around 6pm, according to eyewitnesses. Residents who were shocked and scared for their lives while the cultists were stabbing the man could not save him for fear of being attacked.

A Rapid Response Squad van, which was patrolling the area at the time, apparently noticed what was going on which led them to chase the cultists while shooting sporadically into the air. The Policemen however carried the body off the road after the Divisional Police Officer of the Somolu Police Station was said to have been alerted of the development, thereby calling his men to order.

An eyewitness who craved anonymity said, “On sighting the RRS officials, the cultists left their victim who was already soaked in a pool of blood.

“The cultists were five in number. Two of them passed through Ayoade Street, while three others ran down Bajulaiye Road. They had cutlasses in their hands and their hands were stained with blood.”

The witness said workers in a printing company in the area, who had closed for the day and were on their way home, ran back when they saw the gang running towards them.

“The policemen thought those who ran into the printing house were the cultists and so they stationed their vehicle outside and began shooting continuously into the air.

“The shooting was much that all those in the company were scared for their lives. The policemen started shouting that those in the complex should come out or else they would shoot them,” the witness added.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide was unreachable for any comment.
source: Naij.com


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