“EZE TO RUN FOR 2015”

I’m happy to inform you my fellow! Fellow!! friends, that finally I have to obey the popular wishes of my people. Eze for 2015!!! I solemnly declare come 2015, I shall be in the fore front running for 2015. But  the only challenge here is that I cannot authoritatively say officially or unofficially if my declaration has been accepted being that INEC has warned that it is not yet time for campaign. Well! I will have to consult the “Nigeria electoral act” to know its opinion.

Yes! With the wealth of experience that I have gathered within one day of my political experience, I don’t want to make too many mistakes. Well you can laugh and call me baby politician; it is allowed. And a journey to Aso-rock starts with dreaming it.

The only obstacle for me now is that the Oga at the Top has refused, be it deliberate/intentional or not deliberate/unintentional to declare his stand for 2015. Because when big fish stand bye, well, smaller fishes will have to take cover first. If to say Oga has declared, I can now know which position to go for. For example, if he happens to go for the 3rd tenure, baby politicians like me can now go for senate president or Hon. speaker of the house. Somebody may ask, why not start with counselor? Who said that one Oga from that side cannot come and decides to show his power for this side? Besides, how many people are interested in LG elections, because it is time to compensate political t**ts for job well-done.

Another critical issue is that I don’t know which party to follow. APC (Apply Pressure and Confusion) has a lot of broom in their possessions. But what are they going to sweep in 2015 if they get the chance. Ideally, it should be to sweep corruption away from some rooms in the Villa, but how are we sure that the money in the central reserve will not also be swept away as casualty for cleansing some rooms? I’m not insinuating anything before some people will start to plan coup for me once I enter office.

Well, PDP (Provided Division is Persistent) is somehow good because it knows how to take care of its own in any condition. Thief in billions, pay fine in millions, if possible thousands. That is why there is umbrella; shelter for all. Irrespective of your character, you will be accommodated.

I want to use this opportunity to thank all my friends, colleagues and well wishers for their tremendous understanding that I need to reserve the little money I have for this new business venture that I’m about to undertake. That was why there was no party. Though guys still push some bottles down in my name. But actually, they paid from their pocket. That’s the spirit. Weather I paid or you did, all na pay”, abi no be so?

This project shall involve all my friends, colleagues, enemies inclusive. Some of you will form part of the campaign committee, fund-raising committee, rally committee, ballot box stuffing committee if we agree that we will engage in such act. There will also be tout committee in case if our team should be attacked by our opponent touts. In fact, there will be a lot of committees to accommodate everybody.

One more thing, everybody most contribute to this noble course. Yes now! Before Nko.

Here we come! 2015, no dull moment!!


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