After a short while of breathing air of freedom from kidnapping, bombing and destruction of pipelines belonging to oil companies courtesy of militants from the Niger-Delta. Boko-Haram from the North, a militia group led as at then by late Yusuf showed it ugly head. And since 2009 till date, Nigeria has never remained the same. Well, there is God!!!

At a stage, some of us stopped watching international media because what we see on daily bases ware pictures of wars, deaths and distructions. Most of us were like ‘such things will not happen in Nigeria; at least, within our life time. But today, what most of us do look out for every morning when we pickup dailies are to find out which place(s) were attacked by Boko-haram.

Boko-haram, the blood of the innocent souls you are shading, you should bear in mind that it doesn’t belongs to you. There is Godoooooooooooo! Aso rock that it took over 5 years to wake up to its responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of the citizens of Nigeria should bear in mind that there is Godoooooooooooooooo!

Today, we are talking of over 200 girls from Chibok that were abducted by the dreaded Boko-haram sects. It is quit unfortunate that it took our first Lady about 20 days for her to set up a committee in which she headed to find out what happens to the girls due to the outcries of well meaning Nigerians and well wishers. Our first Lady has also set up another quality that every first lady must possess, she must be a good actor. If she cannot act, she has to employ a P.A. who must be Nollywood practitioner because you may never know when such skill will be put to use. Seriously, didn’t you see how good she in art she was when she broke down emotionally in the course of the enquiry? Though some people said it was a crocodile tears but my question is how many of you ever seen crying crocodile?

Come to think of it, supposing if First Daughter (president’s daughter) is among these abducted girls, would GEJ have acted differently? Yesoooooooo! Lets assume that that First Daughter that got married within the period that these girls were abducted were among the girls. What would have happened to the 80 cars given to her as gift which some bad mouthed Nigerians still de ask if First Daughter and The First Husband want to go into car business.

All I know is that these blood we are sharing abi na shading, there is God!


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