Abuja Bomb Blast: Policeman Died While Preventing Bomber


A policeman reportedly died on Wednesday during the Abuja bomb blast while he was trying to prevent the suicide bomber from driving into the Emab plaza, to wreck havoc.

Abuja blast scene

Scene of the Abuja blast

The unidentified policeman had stopped the driver of the bomb-laden car from driving into the plaza as he was trying to jump the queue of cars that were also driving into the plaza, Punch reports.

According to a policeman who was at the scene of the incident, the suicide bomber had aroused the suspicion of the dead policeman who then prevented him from driving into the plaza. As he was driving away, the policeman went after him and that was when the car exploded at the plaza’s exit gate, killing him, the suicide bomber and other people.

Apparently, if not for the intervention of the policeman who stopped the bomber from driving into the plaza, the blast would have caused maximum havoc and killed many more people.

However, the Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said he was not aware, but that it would be investigated.

Meanwhile, some commercial banks within the vicinity of the blast have agreed to security agents with the CCTV footage of the
incident so as to assist them in their investigation.

Following the Wednesday’s , which left 21 dead and 17 injured, .

According to report which surfaced yesterday, the Coordinator, National Information Centre, Mr Mike Omeri, said that one of the .

– Naij.com


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