Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi Tells Us ‘How I Escaped The Bomb Blast

Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi

Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, narrowly escaped being killed by a Bomb blast in Kaduna that targeted his convoy on Wednesday. The attack came after the closing ceremony of his yearly Ramadan Tafsir at Murtala Square, Kaduna.

Speaking exclusively to Sahara Reporters immediately after the blast, the Cleric confirm that the explosion was targeted at him, but he escaped unhurt. He said his escape comes as a result of persistent prayers, and described the attack as “un-Islamic, barbaric and condemnable.”

He was visibly shaken following his brush with death, saying, “In Allah we trust, as such nothing evil shall happen to me. As I speak to you now, am on my way to Saudi Arabia for the laser hajj, so nothing happened to me and my convo. I’m safe and call on our people to continue to pray against the perpetrators of this devil act.”

As reported recently, another bomb exploded about three weeks ago along the Nnamdi Azikwe Western By-pass in Kaduna, very close to the venue where Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi is conducting his Tafsir, even though no causalities were recorded following the blast.

In another development, the former Head of State General Muhammadu Buhari had also survived a bomb attack in Kaduna, but his vehicle was destroyed. Buhari’s convoy came under attack in the Kawo Area near 1 Div of Nigeria Army.

An eyewitness who spoke with a SaharaReporters correspondent said some of Buhari’s aides were injured, and the vehicle conveying him completely destroyed. It was a miraculous escape from a vehicle that was targeted, though he escaped un-hurt.

This is the second explosion that rocked the Kaduna metropolis on Wednesday, with several casualties recorded.

– Sahara Reporters


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