Civilian JTF To Storm Sambisa Forest And Fight Boko Haram

The incessant attacks by the Islamist group, Boko Haram have caused over 10,000 members of the Civilian JTF to take to the street to protest the activities of the sect and show their readiness to tackle the sect.

Civilian JTF

The civilian JTF who were joined by hunters as well as retired soldiersassembled at the popular Ramat Square Ground at the centre of the town to launch their protest agsinst the sect after which they stormed the palace of the Shehu of Borno, His Royal Highness, Alahji Abubakar Kyari Umar Ibn Garbai Al’amin El-kanemi to receive his blessings as they set to confront the terrorists.

The Shehu had declared three days, alms giving, fasting and prayers among all religious faithful in the state so as to restore peace back to the state and the country in general.

The youth said they have resolved to enter Sambisa and other hideouts of the terrorists to hunt them down and bring an end to the on-going crisis.

The Shehu who commended the efforts of the Civilian JTF in fighting the Boko Haram sect tasked them to always abide by the rule of law in the course of discharging their civic responsibilities while appealing to them to always follow the directives of the military and other security agencies while discharging their duties.

He said, with the emergence of the Civilian JTF, it has really assisted in dislodging the sect out of Maiduguri and its environs, and therefore called on other places to set up their own Civilian JTF/youth volunteers to fight terrorism.

The Shehu said: “I want to to thank you for this visit and the effort you are collectively and voluntarily doing in order to fight Boko Haram who are bent in, not only destroying our social and economic structures, but also killing innocent lives of our citizenry. I want to also appeal to you that you should desist from politics, religious or ethnic considerations while discharging your duties to your fatherland. In anything you are doing, you must make sure that you consult all other security agencies so that you work hand-in-hand to end terrorism that have been destroying us as a nation.” the Shehu pleaded.

Meanwhile the state Coordinator of Civilian JTF, Mallam Abba Aji Kalli, in an interview with Journalists said their visit to the Shehu’s palace was to seek his fatherly advice and blessings as they have vowed that despite not being armed with sophisticated weapons such as the sect, however, they are willing to fight the sect with their sticks and other local arms if given the go ahead by the FG.

Aji Kalli also said with the support and assurance received from the retired soldiers, local hunters and other patriotic Nigerians, the Civilian JTF are now motivated to put an end to Boko Haram.

Mobile squad of terrorists carrying black and white Jihadists’ flags.

They expressed their dismay over President Goodluck Jonathan for not supporting Civilian JTF by sacrificing their blood/lives in the fight against insurgency.

Kalli however noted that the group which is non-political, non-religious, will not be deterred as it is determined to work with the military to end insurgency in the region

It was recently reported that Boko Haram were plotting to seize Maiduguri and were gathering weapons and militants in the near-city areas to launch the attacks, but the military insisted that they were ready to repel any such attack and to “defend Maiduguri”.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, September 2 it was reported that the Boko Haram sect had taken over the second largest town, Bama in Borno state as they displaced Soldiers and residents.

There are new reports that the Boko Haram sect are forcing Youths to fight the Nigerian Army which has led many of them to flee to Cameroon.


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