Military Arrests Soldiers Giving Information To Boko Haram

The Nigerian Army has arrested several soldiers fighting in the North Eastern part of the country for giving vital security information to members of the terrorists group, Boko Haram.

The apprehended soldiers who were among the troops deployed to Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states were said to have been responsible for the death of over 30 soldiers that were killed by Boko Haram in series of ambush after they gave the location, troops’ strategies and tactics to the sect members, Vanguard reports.

Photo - Soldiers Standing Trial For Mutiny

However, most of the soldiers arrested for these unpatriotic acts serve as orderlies or aide-de-camps, ADCs to Commanders of Troops on the battle ground. The alleged informants among the soldiers gave the sect information on the deployment of soldiers from Maimalari Barracks in April this year to Boko Haram, a development that eventually led to the ambush and killing of so many soldiers serving under the 101 Battalion.

It was gathered that the aforementioned act allegedly led to the soldiers’ mutiny and the shooting at the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 7 Division, Major General Ahmed Mohammed, whose armoured official car protected from sustaining bullets wounds and possible death.

It was reported that the activities of these informant may also be responsible for the shooting down of the Nigerian Airforce Alpha Jet on September 12, 2014, which took off from Yola airport and was reported missing by the military authorities before Boko Haram claimed they shot it down and eventually showed the beheading of one of its pilot, an assertion that was later confirmed on social media by friends of the military.

A military source who did want his name published revealed that Commanders on the battle field had for long wondered how information on strategies for deployment, type of weaponry and fall back tactics easily gets to Boko Haram, including troops movement, timing of deployment, and routes to take, became known to the insurgents.

“The situation became so bad that there was mutual suspicion among fellow commanders, the Brigade headquarters and even the Division headquarters. But at last, the moles were found out to be some of the orderlies and aides of Commanders. What they do is that after operational briefings and troops take off, these moles immediately pass on the information through calls,” the source said.

Speaking on why the informants were not caught until now, the source said: “Who will suspect that an orderly or the ADC of a Commander will be the one giving out information. He does everything for the Commander and he is with him all the time. He is the last person that would be suspected. But thank God, they have been exposed; the truth is now known.”

The source further revealed that a Board of Inquiry (BOI) has been set up to carry out further investigations into the activities of the traitors and to try to find out if there are other fifth columnists still existing among the troops, after which a General Court Martial will be constituted to try the soldiers for Criminal Conspiracy among others charges.

Meanwhile, some soldiers fighting Boko Haram in Adamawa state at the weekend reportedly shot themselves, sustaining injuries as part of efforts to avoid being deployed to battle field to confront insurgents.

It was gathered that the soldiers who shot themselves in the arm, hip, foot without the bone being affected ran to a military hospital and claimed that they were shot by Boko Haram terrorists, but medical personnel attached to the hospital in Vintim, after carrying out several checks and x-rays on the gunshot wounds, discovered that the officers had ‘clean gunshot wounds’ which indicates that the injuries were 99% self-inflicted.

In a reaction, military high command directed that more medical tests should be conducted to actually ascertain the aforementioned fact while the x-rays were sent to Abuja for further analysis from medical experts over there. It was gathered that the result was the same as the experts stated that it was a ‘Clean Gunshot Wounds’.

“In one instance, an officer expertly shot at his arm from the front and the bullet came out from the back without touching any bone neither did it destroy any artery that would endanger the treatment of the hand. In another instance, an officer just opened fire on his foot but made sure no toe or dangerous part of the foot was affected,” a source said.

It would be recalled that on September 11, 2014, some military personnel comprising , Boko Haram in the North eastern part of the country.



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