Hong Kong sex murders: ‘Psycho’ British banker insists ‘I’m not mad’

Rurik Jutting, 29, claims he is sane as it emerged the first victim died the day his trading licence was revoked


The British banker accused of butchering two sex workers at his luxury flat in Hong Kong has told his legal team: “I’m not mad”.

Former public schoolboy Rurik Jutting, 29, is charged with killing Sumarti Ningsih and Jesse Lorena after they were found in a “sea of blood” at his home.

Jutting was allegedly stuck in a cycle of drugs, vice and depression in the months before the murders.

Sources claim he paid hookers £1,000 a time throwing drug and booze-fuelled parties costing up to £10,000 a night.

According to reports, Jutting acknowledges that the sex workers died in his flat but blames it simply on ‘incidents involving him and girls’.

According to the Daily Mail, Jutting has rejected suggestions he should be taken to a secure psychiatric unit.

A source told the paper: “Jutting was frank and honest that the girls died in his flat, and that nobody else was there. But he is adamant he is not mad.”

Jesse Lorena (top left), Sumarti Ningsih (bottom left) and Rurik Jutting (right)
In court: Jutting has been charged with two murders and will be back in court next week

The revelation comes as it emerged Jutting – who was employed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch – had his trading licence revoked on the day he is alleged to have killed his first victim.

The body of Ms Ningsih, 25, was found stuffed in a suitcase on the balcony of the flat and is believed to have been there for several days.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Jutting’s trading licence was cancelled by watchdog the Securities & Futures Commission in Hong Kong on October 28.

There is no suggestion the decision was linked to the alleged crimes.

Jutting quit his job days before the killings and left an out-of-office email reply which reads: “Please contact someone who is not an insane psychopath.”

An ex-girlfriend of the British banker said last night: “I had a lucky escape.”

Sonya Dyer, who had a four-year relationship with Jutting, told friends she was in “total shock and devastation” about him being charged with the brutal killings.

It comes as reports claimed that police found a grisly selfie on Jutting’s phone showing him with one of the victims after her throat had been slashed.

The father of victim Sumarti Ningsih says his daughter’s killer must be put to death.

Ahmad Kaliman said his Sumarti had told her family she was working in a restaurant after moving from Indonesia.

Source: Mirror


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