More Troops Comb Sambisa Forest As Militants Flee Gwoza

Reports has it that a group of the Nigerian military has raged the Sambisa Forest in Borno State yet again to displace members of the Islamic group, Boko Haram.

It is believed that the Boko Haram militants are using the forest as a hideout and also as a stronghold from where they unleash their terror activities.

Earlier last week, it was reported that some Nigerian troops finally bombed Boko Haram’s notorious hideout in Sambisa Forest.

However, with the information that more Boko Haram militants were still on the hideout, new reports have it that a delegation of the Nigerian military have now commenced a major operation in Sambisa Forest.

This was disclosed by a military source to Punch.

The source did not, however, specify how many of the militants had been captured, but said the “insurgents will be flushed out soon.”

Also, news just reaching us indicates that, more Boko Haram fighters are currently fleeing from the front lines of Bama, Gwoza,& Baga,running into the hands of waiting Nigerien and Chadian troops. The unconfirmed report has it that the Multi-National Join Task Force (MNJTF) have liberated Gwoza, the headquater of Boko Haram after a heavy battle.

The report shows that Gwoza which used to be the headquarters of the Islamic group now has the Green-White-Green flag


of Nigeria mounted in the territory.



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