Boko Haram’s New Hideout: Escapee Reveals Details

Some of Boko Haram insurgents are reportedly living inside the cave of a huge rock In Adamawa state, popularly known as “Bekin Dose” situated between Michika and Madagali close to Sambisa forest.

This was disclosed on Wednesday by one of the women abducted by the insurgents from Grata village in Michika local government area of the state, Mrs Hannatu Zira.

According to ThisDay report, Zira said while in the custody of her abductors inside the cave, she noticed members of the sect always rush into the cave when there was any serious hit on them.

She said: “It is a very big cave which can contain more than three thousand persons. What the insurgents do was to rush into the cave whenever there is any serious attack on them.

“If you are a stranger you will not know that there is a cave like that, unless the military bombard the rock completely or smoke them out of the cave for the sake of other women and children still in their custody

Zira, who is already taking refuge in one of her relatives’ house in Yola, the state capital explained that one of the sympathetic members of the dreaded sect helped her escape.

She thanked God for her escape while also praying for God to deliver other women abducted with her on the same day by the insurgents during their recent onslaught on some Adamawa villages.

She stated that some women and children were still languishing in the custody of the insurgents, who she described as inhuman and merciless.

You need to be there to see how wicked these people are, they are inhuman and merciless when they want to commit any ad hoc on a person. If you don’t cooperate with them they will slaughter you straight away,” she said.

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According to her the insurgents fed them at least twice daily, adding that they were only denied food and beaten as punishment when they committed minor offences. “Death is the penalty for major offences, especially if you are caught trying to escape or trying to divulge useful information to the military,” she said.

She therefore called on the government to make efforts to rescue those still in captivity from the hands of the insurgents.

She also urged the military to extend its recent bombardment on Sambisa forest to Bekin Dose.

It is widely suspected that the Sambisa forest, located not far from the Borno state capital is the home for Boko Haram insurgents. There have been speculations that the Chibok girls abducted by the sect were taken to this forest.

Reports surfaced last week that Nigerian troops had finally invaded Boko Haram’s notorious hideout in Sambisa Forest as a part of actions to suppress the terrorists.



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