Seven out of the fifteen members of the Ebonyi State House of Assembly that signed the motion for impeachment of Governor Martin Elechi, have dissociated themselves from the process.

Addressing a press conference in Enugu yesterday, the lawmakers, who described themselves as members of the Integrity Group disclosed that they decided to tow the path of reason.

They stressed that the impeachment of the Governor barely two months to the end of his tenure served no useful purpose.
Reading the text of the address titled, “A time to seek peace and ensure it”, the Minority Leader of the House, Hon. Enyi Enyi noted that “while the impeachment plans against Elechi lasted, some extraneous political motives were injected to confer certain political mileage on some personalities”.

Consequently he declared: “After several meetings and discussions, I have been mandated to come out and declare the position of my colleagues in the Integrity Group of the House of Assembly. Our resolution is simply that we have unequivocally withdrawn from any further involvement in the impeachment moves against the Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief Martin N. Elechi.

“I make this statement without fear or favour but as a patriotic citizen, a democrat and a lover of peace and unity in my dear state. Our decision to withdraw from the impeachment plot was informed by far reaching consultations within and outside our constituencies.

“We were also touched by the deep political counseling from our leaders and elders, which indicated that the long term demerits of the action would surpass whatever short term merits it may present. Most importantly, we were alarmed at the discovery that the impeachment, if consummated, would spew deep political bad blood and dichotomy between the two political blocs in the state”.
While pointing out that “those of us in the Integrity Group are not prepared to earn any stigma that could outlive our tenures and our political careers”, Enyi added that “the plan to impeach the governor of Ebonyi State was hatched last year but had to be delayed until recently. We are of the opinion that the impeachment has become belated and should remain dead forever”.

“Consequently, we solemnly declare that no amount of monetary oxygen would resurrect it as long as the business of impeachment is predicated on the arithmetic provided in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, as amended,” he remarked.

The group however enjoined the governor to “gather everybody together irrespective of party affiliation, religion, social idiosyncrasies, language, culture or zone” adding, “this is a time for him to renew the State on the path of peace and genuine reconciliation”.

“He should consider ordering the release of all those clamped in jail all this while especially the 83 indigent citizens from Ezza clan being detained at the inception of his administration. As the governor winds up his eight year tenure, it would be socially rewarding if he engenders genuine reconciliation among the political class in the state.

“The governor should unleash a climate of joy and happiness on as many persons as he can. It is achievable! Chief Elechi should prepare the grounds to resume his seat as the foremost statesman of Ebonyi State”, they concluded.

– Daily Post


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