Rescued Victims Say Boko Haram Is In Trouble

Women rescued from Boko Haram in the Samisa Forest have said that the insurgents are experiencing a serious shortage of arms and fuel, which is causing tension between the sect militants and commanders.

Rescued Victims Say Boko Haram Is In Trouble

The news emerged on May 4, Monday, after the rescued women had been interviewed, Vanguard reports.

Nearly 700 women have been freed over the past week by the Nigerian army. The victims disclosed that the terrorists had been complaining to their captives about lack of weapons and ammunition. Many fighters had to carry sticks and some of the vehicles had no gasoline.

Aisha Abbas, aged 45, told how the insurgents had gradually run out of guns. She also told Reuters that the Chibok girls might have been sold off or married to Boko Haram commanders.

The mother of two, taken in April from Dikwa, said:

“They said the Chibok girls were married off this year. Some sold to slavery, then others (militants) each married two or four of the girls.”

It was additionally learned from two rescued women that even the wife of their captors’ leader, Adam Bitri, openly criticized him and later escaped.

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Binta Ibrahim, an 18-year-old young woman from Adamawa state said:

“One evening in April, Boko Haram followers stood before us and said ‘Our leaders don’t want to give us enough fuel and guns and now the soldiers are encroaching on us in Sambisa. We will leave you’.

“They threatened us, but after they left, we were happy and prayed the soldiers would come and save us.”

Meanwhile, it was reported yesterday that the military had arrested a man who allegedly specialised in supplying fuel and food to Boko Haram.

Recounting the military operation, some of the women said that on the day of the rescue, as the army approached the camp the captives refused to flee with Boko Haram. Following which the militants started stoning them.

Salamatu Mohamed recalled:

“We heard bullets flying around and laid on the floor.

“Some of the women were crushed (by army vehicles) and others wounded by bullets. Eighteen were killed. We counted them; they included infants.”

The victims were also constantly threatened that they would be taken to Abubakar Shekau, deep in the forest.

A 22-year-old mother Hanatu Musa quoted the fighters as saying that their leader had deceived them into fighting and killing in the name of religion.

Medical examinations showed that the insurgents had impregnated about 214 of the rescued women and girls.

Commenting on the situation, Kashim Shettima, the Borno state governor, alleged that the insurgents did so to leave the next generation of jihadists. He noted that “children fathered by them [Boko Haram] are likely to share their ideology later in life and succeed their parents in the years to come”.



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