Ex-Militants Make U-Turn, Beg Nigerians To Vote For Jonathan

Governor Seriake Dickson is believed to have sponsored the group of militants that issued a threat today.

In a remarkable change of tone, ex-militant leaders from the Niger Delta zone who had threatened mayhem if President Goodluck Jonathan was defeated in the forthcoming presidential election, yesterday pleaded with Nigerians to vote to re-elect the incumbent president. They suggested that Mr. Jonathan be returned to office based on what they described as the noticeable achievements of his administration, noting that the opposition All Progressive Congress (APC) had waged a campaign of hate against the president.

Speaking as members of the Leadership, Peace and Cultural Development Initiatives (LPCDI), the ex-militant figures stated that, though the media campaign against President Jonathan was filled with hatred and deceit, the Nigerian voters should support the president’s re-election based on the achievements of his administration in the areas of education, power, infrastructural development and security.

The ex-militants issued their new toned-down endorsement of Mr. Jonathan at the end of a meeting presided over by the group’s national coordinator, Reuben Wilson, popularly known as General Pastor Reuben. The meeting was held yesterday in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State. The group called on voters to focus on Mr. Jonathan’s performance instead of the rhetoric of hate against his administration.

Briefing reporters on the outcome of their meeting, Mr. Wilson said, “we resolved to call on Nigerians, particularly eligible voters, to rate the candidates for the presidential election based on performance and eligibility. President Goodluck Jonathan has done well and he should be voted in by Nigerians for [a] second term. They should assess him based on performance and not the region he comes from.”

His tone differed from a previous stance when the group warned that they would not countenance any attempt to vote out the president, with some of their members threatening that they would shut down oil production should the president be defeated.

In their latest softened statement, Mr. Wilson told reporters, “Jonathan has done well. Why are people opposing him? Is it because he comes from the Niger Delta? Would they have shown so much hatred and insincerity if he had come from the northern part of the country? The people of the South-South and the Niger Delta are feeling bad over the rising insults and poor rating in spite of the huge achievement of the present administration. We advised the opposition party and General Buhari to come out [openly] and declare that President Goodluck Jonathan has done well.”

He added: “Nigerians should check the achievements in the areas of security, peace and development. The amnesty program under the capable hands of Honorable Kingsley Kuku has ensured that over 3,000 youths are trained on scholarship and skill acquisition. Aside from showing readiness in the battle against insurgency with the proper procurement of arms and ammunition for the military, President Jonathan has ensured the recovery of over N300 billion of stolen funds and blocked any corrupt loopholes in the system. He has done well also in the area of roads and infrastructures with the judicious use of Sure-P funds.”

The ex-militants accused state governors who defected from the PDP to APC of playing to the gallery without differentiating their achievements in office under the PDP and the APC. “These governors are deceitful. They should tell Nigerians what they have been able to achieve under the APC. They should call their people together and tell them why they should vote for their stooges in the next governorship elections under the APC. All they have achieved in the states under their control was achieved under the PDP,” the group stated.


Satisfy Us In Bed Or Face Mass Divorce – Kaduna Women Protest Against Their Husbands

A group of women from the Rido community in Kaduna State, took to the streets on Wednesday, February 19, 2015 to publicly complain about their husband’s sexual weakness, asking that they start performing their matrimonial duties or face mass divorce.

The women, who were assembled at the NDA Junction in the state capital, blamed the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) for their husband’s inability to perform as a result of the chemical waste and fumes from the company into their environment.

Speaking to newsmen during the protest, some of the  married women complained bitterly that some of the men in the Mararaba Rido community were impotent due to the toxic waste from the KRPC.

They revealed that their husbands suffer weak erection and infertility, while the women suffer miscarriage and other health complications.

A married woman, Jummai Isaac, 27, said she has not taken in since she got married in the year 2000.

“I haven’t conceived since I got married in the last fourteen years, and doctors have, on several occasions, confirmed to me absence of any known cause of inability to get pregnant.

Initially, doctors thought I had fibroid in my womb, but after several scans and some medical tests, they dispelled that notion.”

However, a community leader, Mohammed Bashar, explained that, “Most of the complaints could be associated with secondary infertility, because victims have, in the past, given birth to children before they suddenly stopped.

There was widespread belief that smoke and poisonous gases emitted from the refinery have reproductive health effect on people living in the area, but no medical report has confirmed the allegation due to inability of villagers to seek comprehensive medical tests, perhaps owing to lack of awareness and poverty.”

Source:The Trent

Mixed-reactions trail Ghanaian singer’s comment on Jesus

Mixed-reactions have continued to trail the comment credited to popular Ghanaian singer, Belinda Ekua Amoah, a.k.a Mzbel, who reportedly said she does not believe in the existence of Jesus Christ.

The singer who was speaking on TV programme on Restoration, said she is confident stories about the ‘Holy son of God’ were made up.

“I don’t want to offend anybody. I used to believe in ‘it’ but eerrmm, I did my own research and I think ‘it’ was made up but I might be wrong, but by my own research, it was made up. Because the same story 5000 years ago happened in Egypt…”


Comparing the story of the ‘Messiah’ – as Christian’s call him – to the story of Horus, one of the oldest and most significant deities in ancient Egyptian religion, Mzbel said the similarities are too apt.

According to her, Jesus’s story is an imitation of that of Horus whom according to her “research”, predates Jesus.

“I used to believe in ‘it’, I prayed in tongues. I can pray in tongue right now. I actually prayed in my room one time until the room was filled up in smoke…but now trust me, I will not believe in it anymore.”

Meanwhile, the internet has been awash with divergent views since she dropped the bombshell. Some of the aggrieved people who took to the social media to attack the controversial singer believe that she’s demonized, while very many others do not see anything wrong with her submission.

Reacting to her outburst, Edith Makae said, “Oh this girl is really sick. She doesn’t even know what she’s saying, she will get it”, while Mike Wyatt wrote “I think if she re-reads the Old and New Testament she might be very surprised and more than a little embarrassed as to how her research has got her lost. Still maybe she needs some quick fame and publicity to get her singing career noticed. God Our Loving Father notices her. So ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

According to Joshua Ahianyo, God is not seen through research but through revelation.”I don’t think she really knows what’s she is talking about. Does she think its her own power that she is doing the singing and other things. She should kneel down and beg the Lord for forgiveness,’ wrote Aryeh Isaac.

Also, those who did not see anything wrong with her submission argued that the singer have added to human knowledge. “ Mzbel is on the way to wisdom. Don’t be hard on her. Everybody must one day doubt and deny what you know to know what you really know,” wrote Will Wobenetsi.

Source: vanguards

‘I confessed to our pastor after every robbery operation’

29-year David Chineye was among eight suspected members of a trans-border robbery gang arrested by the Lagos State Police Command last week. The Imo State-born suspect who claimed to be married to a Benin Republic-based Togolese, gave a startling confession on the gang’s operation in Benin and Mali, during an exclusive interview with Crime Guard.

David-ChineyeChineye who admitted to be the gang’s informant, revealed that his union with his wife, made it easy for him to study the terrain in Cotonou, Benin Republic, thereby facilitating the gang’s entry into the country.

Members of his gang reportedly stormed a micro finance bank in Porto Novo, Benin Republic, last November, from where they carted away the equivalent of N100 million.

Chineye who gave his operational name as Ishola, said he masterminded the robbery operation at the financial institute, adding that it took him two days to study the terrain before inviting other members of the gang over. He further told Crime Guard that the gang was planning to extend its operations to Togo when they were arrested.

I go for confession after each operation

The father of one who was full of remorse said that his pastor and members of his church, whose name he gave as Christ Ascension Church, Benin Republic branch, would be shocked beyond imagination when news of his arrest reach them.

According to him: “ I am a dedicated church worker. Nobody knew I was an armed robber. Every time I returned from any operation, my conscience would prick me. Thereafter, I would go to church for confession but would never disclose the exact sin I committed.

My wife didn’t know I was a robber either. This is because I stay in Benin Republic where she is permanently based for two months, before returning to Nigeria, where she believed I was working. I usually visited Benin Republic when we wanted to rob and would leave after investing my loot. This is to allow me get hints on the outcome of the operation, in terms of Police investigation.”

Frustration led me into robbery

At a point, he burst into tears, begging for his wife’s forgiveness when she hears about his involvement in crime. He stated that he never envisaged to go into robbery but that frustration forced him into it.

“It all started after my apprenticeship in a pharmaceutical store, back in Owerri, the Imo state capital. My master refused to pay me off. Rather, he claimed that the money he ought to have settled me with was spent on the treatment of my ailing brother few months back. I left in anger and worked as a bus conductor until the engine of the bus got knocked.

I was idle for some months, during which I met my wife who was visiting Nigeria for the first time. I went to Benin Republic with her, where I met some friends who introduced me into robbery. I started by breaking into peoples’ apartments, but it was not lucrative because at times, I won’t get anything from the houses”.

I graduated into Trans- border robbery

In his desperation to eke a living, he returned back to Nigeria last year, where he reportedly met members of another robbery gang. He confessed that he went on operation twice with the new gang but only got between N20,000 and N50,000 , an amount he said was not enough to meet his needs.

Continuing, he said : “During one of our meetings, I told my members that we should step up by going to operate in Benin Republic, since their Police were not as effective as ours. The first operation was in a filling station in Benin Republic. It took me two days to survey the place before I invited members of the gang.

At the end of the operation, we lodged in a hotel there for two days, shared the loot before others left,while I stayed back. Three weeks later, as I was driving around Porto Novo, I saw a micro-finance bank. I studied the terrain that day and came back the next day to continue. I observed that policemen were not stationed there and that only unarmed private guards were there.

Quickly, I came to Nigeria to inform my members and left back for Benin Republic. Three days later, we struck at the bank and made away with N100 million equivalent.

During operation, we don’t use our real names. For instance, my operational name is Ishola. We have names like Mensah, Koffi, Messiah, master, etc. This is to give our victims the impression that we were from Benin Republic.


“ Joining a robbery gang is the worst mistake of my life. Had I known, I would have listened to my wife.

Three days before I was nabbed, she told me she dreamed that I was arrested alongside other people for robbery and that I was killed in the process. Since then, she has been fasting and praying against sudden death. But I assured her all was well and that I was not into any dirty deal. If I had known I would have returned to Benin Republic , instead of remaining here in Nigeria.”

I lost everything

Another suspected member of the gang, Ifeanacho Igwe (35), told Crime Guard that he was forced into robbery by one Nnamdi, whom he said invited him over after he requested financial assistance from him. The invitation according to Igwe, turned out to be his worst nightmare.

According to him: “ As a commercial motorcyclist, Nnamdi invited me to take him to a location, promising to give me some money I earlier requested for.

That was in 2011 But on reaching the location at Alakija bus-stop, it turned out to be a robbery operation scene. I couldn’t turn back because it was late and I was afraid they could kill me. I had no option than to play along.

They succeeded in collecting N85 million from a victim and at the end I got N25 million. Since then, I cut off totally from them.

I lost everything I used that money on; I bought a new truck for N14 million and a commercial bus , including a sports utility vehicle for my personal use. I used the rest to renovate my mother’s house and support my siblings’ education.

Since that robbery operation my entire life has gone from bad to worse. I gave the truck out to a driver to use for transportation purpose.

While on a business trip to the eastern part of the country, it rammed over someone before it somersaulted into a river, with goods worth several millions of naira. As if that was not enough, I am in the police net for a crime committed four years ago. My past sins have caught up with me,” he stated in an emotion- laden voice.

Source: vanguard

Suspected killer of a Lagos housewife tells his stunning story from a hideout

Residents of Oke-Afa area in Lagos State were jolted in December 2014, after the body of a 35-year-old housewife, Martha Ifeoma   Ifewulu was discovered at her house in a pool of her blood. The mother of four and wife of Chief Lawrence Ugochukwu Ifewulu, 52, was murdered by an unknown person few hours before her children arrived from school. Reports said the children came home only to find their mother in a pool of her own blood, which flowed freely down the staircase.

On closer examination, it was discovered that the silky-soft skin of her throat was hideously slashed with a knife like that of a goat.

woman-murdered-in-ejigbo-laThe distraught husband later said he received a distress call about 3pm from one of his tenants , crying and telling him to leave whatever he was doing and rush home . According to him, “I could not even drive. Getting home, I could not imagine what I saw. I was told that when the children came back from school about 3.30pm and opened the door to the staircase, they saw blood flowing down from the staircase. One of my girls tried to go upstairs and that was when she discovered my wife’s corpse and then raised the alarm.

When asked if his late wife had ever reported any case of harassment or disagreement between her and any one, the bereaved husband reportedly simply retorted: “Hmm! I will like to hold on for now till a later time……let me just hold on for now”.

Surprisingly, the husband later was reported to have alleged that one Collins should be held responsible for the death of his wife. The grieving husband also alleged that the wife might have been killed to prevent her from divulging their plans to kill him, dispose off his assets and elope to Canada with his children.

Since then, it was gathered that police detectives at the State Criminal Investigations Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos, have spread their dragnets in search of the fleeing suspected killer of the housewife.

A shocker then came early January, 2015, when a call from an unknown telephone number was received by this reporter. The caller who was sounding as if he was in a hurry asked if he was speaking with Emma Nnaedozie of Vanguard and I corrected him by saying my name is Emma Nnadozie. He apologised and went ahead to introduce himself as Collins Nwafor, the one that police were suspecting to be the killer of a housewife at Oke-Afa, Lagos.

Trepidation overwhelmed this reporter after remembering the grisly manner the said housewife was killed and wondering why he called him. The caller continued: “I got your number from Saturday Vanguard , Crime Guard page and I decided to call you. Can I meet you anywhere of your choice.? I asked why and he continued: “I would like to give you all the details about the woman that was killed.

The Police are frantically looking for me and I was reliably told that they have been paid to kill me if I show up. I am afraid of my life and I decided to cry out before they succeed in locating my hideout. I did not kill the woman but I will tell you the people I am suspecting killed her.”

After this brief explanation, we fixed appointment outside Lagos because he refused to show up anywhere in Lagos. We ended up meeting outside Lagos where he narrated his stomach-churning story.



“I am Collins Nwafor ,39, from Umuawulu in Awka South L.G.A, Anambra State. I read Marketing at the IMT, Enugu. I left school in 1999 and served in Edo State in 2010. After that, I proceeded to Port-Harcourt where I started life as a clearing agent with Chapman Resources.

From there, I went to South Africa where I stayed for about four years dealing on telephone accessories. I came back to Nigeria in 2011 and later proceeded to Europe, Germany and Norway where I spent about two years. I came back in September 2012.


On June 13, 2013, I met Mrs. Ifeoma Ifewulu at her shop in Ago Palaace Way, Lagos. I was passing through the Mall on that street, I saw people promoting their goods in the shop and both of us watched them after which we exchanged numbers.

From there, we started exchanging calls and we became intimate friends. The first time we made love was in her car, a green Honda Baby Boy, after she dropped me in front of my house. We were there till 12 midnight and I asked if she was married but she did not reply. Later, she spent a weekend with me and when I insisted on knowing her marital status, she told me that her husband is a big man but she wanted to feel good.

She said she needed company and that she had two boys and two girls. From then, our love blossomed. After sometime, she told me that her husband’s birthday was in August, I advised her how to commemorate it with him, buy food and take the kids to his office as a surprise which she did and she later told me that her husband appreciated it. We continued our relationship till December when she even spent the Christmas with me after the husband bought a Toyota Corolla for her.


We stayed behind from December 29th 2013 after the husband travelled till January 5th, 2014. We were in my house at Isolo, few meters away from her matrimonial home at the same Oke-Afa. We kept on meeting and enjoying ourselves till the middle of the year when I discovered that she was also a lesbian. I was able to know this through the attitude of her friends who visit her in her shop.

Even when they go to parties, they kiss and romance themselves openly. I also discovered that she has many other boyfriends. My investigation showed that I was the fourth in the series of boyfriends she had. Nevertheless, we continued our relationship till April when her mother died.

We organized the burial programme including how to buy expensive lace materials for well- to- do men that would attend the burial.”

So you discovered that they used to keep girls in the shop? “They are lesbians and the way she went with men, she was sleeping with men. I was the fourth boy friend she had going by what she told me. So from January 14th, February, March, we started dating and by April or so, the mother died and we planned to buy some clothes to give to twenty different men for them to attend the mother’s burial which we did.


So, when she got to the office of this wealthy Clearing and Forwarding Agent (name withheld), she whispered to me that the man has been toasting her for the past 13 years and had also tried to rape her in her house in two to three occasions but failed. When we met the agent, he told her that if she wanted him to come for the burial, she should come to the hotel and make love to him.   After all said and done, the burial was fixed for June.


At this juncture, I would like to tell you my relationship with the wealthy agent.   When I came back from Europe in September 2012, I met him in July 2013, he told me that since I was in the country, he would be giving me containers for me to be clearing, that we should be doing something together.   If he wanted to travel, he would call me and I would go with him and act like his personal assistant.

So by December, he gave me fifty thousand naira to travel with him.   I protested that the money was too meagre going by the fact that he just bought a car worth thirty something million naira. In anger, he travelled without me. I ended up spending the Xmas with Mrs. Ifewulu who stayed behind after her husband travelled on December 29th, 2014. We stayed together from that 29th to 5th of January when the husband came back and brought her sick mother back to Lagos. Later, her mother died in March. While she was sick, I used to visit her in Awka with Mrs. Ifewulu.

We always stayed in a hotel at Asaba, Delta state. They buried the woman on June 7th.   We went for her burial.   When we got there, the wealthy clearing agent noticed the intimacy between me and Mrs. Ifewulu and he was visibly angry with me. Later, he even accosted me and asked me why I should be “eating the food that belonged to the masters”.


A very ugly incident took place after we attended the burial.

When we later retired to the wealthy agent’s home at Umuawulu, Awka, Anambra State, he wanted me to escort him to a relation’s home nearby. But I refused, claiming that I was tired. Few minutes after he stepped out, the gate man announced the presence of two women who wanted to see him. I thought that he was back and quickly climbed the stairs to his apartment. And after I called several times without response, I even stepped into a container filled with blood and two egg-like objects beside it.

In shock, I quickly left the room and as I was descending the stairs, I saw him climbing up. When he saw me he asked whether I entered his bathroom but I quickly denied. He then furiously left me. The following morning when we were all supposed to fly back to Lagos together, he said I should rather go with his driver by road.


Unfortunately, as we were getting into Edo State, we had an accident that got two of us trapped inside the vehicle. When sympathizers came to rescue us, they called him on my phone to inform him about our plight but they were all shocked when he asked them whether I was alive and after they told him yes, he switched off his phone.

It was Mrs. Ifewulu who later called and she came and took us to the hospital. She even paid the bills but the wealthy forwarder did not care about us until after we were discharged and returned to Lagos. He offered me N30,000.00 which I refused.


That signalled the cold war between us and after sometime, I also started feeling guilty over my relationship with Mrs. Ifewulu because things were not moving fine with me. I summoned courage and called her on phone to break the news, that I was no longer interested in the relationship. On hearing this, she turned off the phone and told me she was coming.

She later came and started pleading that I should remember that we have gone very far in the affair, that I am the only man she has fallen deeply in love with, that her relationships before we met did not exceed 2-3 months, that I was the fourth boy friend she was having. I told her no, that I didn’t have something doing, that I was a young man not married. I told her I wanted to be focussed; I wanted to know what I was doing. I never knew she was a bisexual and they have strong cult group at Jakande Estate and I have been there with her for one or two parties.


After this, her friends were rebuking me for stopping the affair. The pressure was so much and I had to go to a Reverend Father at SS Peter and Paul Catholic church, Oke- Afo. I confessed to him by telling him all about my relationship with the woman. The Reverend father was shocked and immediately demanded for her number which I released to him.

He invited the coupld, the husband was wearing a basket ball short and singlet outside the church and was drinking bottled water, the wife was putting on a black skirt and a red top. The Rev. Father started asking her about me, the lady denied. The father then came out to call me into his office. I followed him and when Mrs. Ifewulu saw me, she stood up to leave, and then the reverend held her at the door and told her to sit and said, you told me you didn’t know this man.

She sat down, and then I knelt down and started crying and pleading that I didn’t know what happened, that I was not interested any more and that we should all be left alone, we would just be friends.


She then told the Reverend Father that she has heard and she opened the door and left.   The Father told me not to worry and gave me his number assuring that he would look into this matter.   When she continued pestering me to continue with the relationship, I went to some of her friends to plead for their intervention. I also went to other churches where she attended.

I met two of her friends and invited them to an eatery at Isolo. When they came, I told them everything and they assured that they would intervene.   I also talked to one of her bosom friends called Isioma, she took me to see their General Overseer where I also confessed.   After that, the Overseer advised me to relocate from Lagos. I insisted that I would not run away from Lagos because of a married woman.


It was at this stage that I decided to call the husband and intimate him with our affair. While the relationship was going on, she willingly gave me her husband’s number and those of her children. Her children and her house help all knew me. They called me Uncle Collins. But the husband and his sister who work in Lagos Island did not know me before then. I confessed to her husband but now I had known Christ; that I was no longer interested and that his wife was into women and drug trafficking.

Later, the husband called me on phone and asked me to give him instances so that when he would confront her she would not deny it.   I then told the husband so many things. The man said ok. The man called after some days and said his wife denied it. Then I told him to call one Aaron, that he should call their elder sister that was at Alaba and also call the girl’s brother, Ifeanyi and one other person. I also maintained I would come but he must guarantee me of my protection. He agreed. By Sunday, he called to say that his wife had agreed.

After some days, the man called to say that his wife told him that bot of us wanted to kill him. I then told him that if I had such plan, I would have executed it long ago because I had unrestrained access to him and his house. And that I would not have confessed to him and even informed him including men of God to help intervene. In fact, I told him a lot of intimate things about his family which an outsider should not ordinarily know including how the wife slept with the man that is making his business boom. I also told him that the wife carried out abortion twice.

At this stage, he told me to forgive him and that I should keep the whole story secret. After some days, he called me and said that his wife gave me a phone, then I told him yes your wife did but I misplaced the phone.   He kept telling me to forgive and forget everything that I shouldn’t tell anyone. He also intimated me that he had strong suspicion that the wealthy Clearing and Forwarding agent was into a relationship with his wife but that she was denying it.

After that encounter, I decided to go for deliverance.   I was directed to Okpoko in Onitsha at Ezenwanyi’s place. They charged me N18,000.00 after which I was taken to a river for the cleansing.   Afterwards, I came back to Lagos and went to the General Overseer who also invited her and advised her to leave me alone, that we should just be friends. But she refused.


Then, on December 1st, 2014, I went to Apapa with my friend to get something and on coming back, I got a call at around past 9pm from her born- again friend.   she asked me if I heard anything from my side or Ify’s side, I told her no, she hung up.   At about 11:30, she called and told me to pack out from my place, that Ify has been killed. I was shocked.   She called me at 12 midnight again and asked me to leave my house, I left with one shirt to stay at my friend’s place.

The next morning I came back to my house, although my friend warned me not to go to my place, I was at my place with the people that came to look for me when four police men and the woman’s house help came asking my neighbour about me.   My neighbour told them that he had not seen me for the past two days.


While I was meeting with my people in Lagos over the issue, I was reliably informed that the wealthy agent had gone to the police to allege that I was the killer and that I sold human parts. Later, detectives numbering over 20 invaded my house and harassed every body on sight. They later met the caretaker who called me on phone and I narrated my side of the story.

It was later I got to know that both the caretaker and the policemen listened to my story and after that, one of the policemen confided in the caretaker that I should not show my face because they have been asked to kill me immediately they arrest me. I learnt also that the policemen went to all the places I mentioned including meeting with the Reverend Father and they all confirmed that I opened up to them about the affair.

One of the detectives even called to inform me that I should not show up else they would kill me. That was why I decided to go into hiding.


Since then, two people have been going round, telling people that I killed the woman.

The wealthy agent and another person (name withheld) have gone to my people in Lagos and I was invited to the village. After I narrated my story to all the influential men in my village, they took me to a shrine where I was made to swear to an oath. That proved my innocence.

After this, I called the investigators at Panti and told them that my relationship with the woman ended since September last year, that I was innocent of the allegations against me, that they should either hold(name withheld) or the wealthy agent responsible for her death.


I believe one or both of them know what happened to the woman. This may be because of my confession and in anger, he may have killed her. Secondly, I disagreed with the wealthy agent because of the ritual blood I saw in his country home. This man has been associated with many strange and mysterious deaths. He may have done it because he was aware I was no longer with her and he believed if he killed her, people would put the blame on me.

So, while in the hideout, I read crime page in Vanguard and saw your number. This is my story and I decided to open up because I know that if police eventually arrest me, they may not allow justice to prevail. I suspect that they have been paid to kill me in order to cover up the crime. The only option left for me now is either to keep on hiding or for somebody to arrange for me to go into protective custody where I will be assured that nothing will happen to me and I will quickly show up and tell the whole truth.”


This drug business, to what extent were you involved and did you make effort to help her out of it? “She usually told me, but I kept telling her that I was not interested in that kind of business.   So, she stopped talking to me about that but I knew she did it and also did pimping too.

Sometimes I accompanied her and the girls she organised to see men for sexual purposes and she would get paid. She passed the girls to wealthy men. They met at various places and after wards she would be paid.


How do you feel now that your former lover has died in so gruesome a manner? “Hmmmm, I feel hurt. No matter what I say, she was a very good and generous woman. In fact, it was after her death that I realised that a dead person has no power. Once you are dead, it is all over. If not, I wonder why such a good woman cannot rise up and not only expose her killers but take revenge. I leave everything to God, the truth will be revealed.

Source: Vanguard

Boko Haram’s New Hideout: Escapee Reveals Details

Some of Boko Haram insurgents are reportedly living inside the cave of a huge rock In Adamawa state, popularly known as “Bekin Dose” situated between Michika and Madagali close to Sambisa forest.

This was disclosed on Wednesday by one of the women abducted by the insurgents from Grata village in Michika local government area of the state, Mrs Hannatu Zira.

According to ThisDay report, Zira said while in the custody of her abductors inside the cave, she noticed members of the sect always rush into the cave when there was any serious hit on them.

She said: “It is a very big cave which can contain more than three thousand persons. What the insurgents do was to rush into the cave whenever there is any serious attack on them.

“If you are a stranger you will not know that there is a cave like that, unless the military bombard the rock completely or smoke them out of the cave for the sake of other women and children still in their custody

Zira, who is already taking refuge in one of her relatives’ house in Yola, the state capital explained that one of the sympathetic members of the dreaded sect helped her escape.

She thanked God for her escape while also praying for God to deliver other women abducted with her on the same day by the insurgents during their recent onslaught on some Adamawa villages.

She stated that some women and children were still languishing in the custody of the insurgents, who she described as inhuman and merciless.

You need to be there to see how wicked these people are, they are inhuman and merciless when they want to commit any ad hoc on a person. If you don’t cooperate with them they will slaughter you straight away,” she said.

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According to her the insurgents fed them at least twice daily, adding that they were only denied food and beaten as punishment when they committed minor offences. “Death is the penalty for major offences, especially if you are caught trying to escape or trying to divulge useful information to the military,” she said.

She therefore called on the government to make efforts to rescue those still in captivity from the hands of the insurgents.

She also urged the military to extend its recent bombardment on Sambisa forest to Bekin Dose.

It is widely suspected that the Sambisa forest, located not far from the Borno state capital is the home for Boko Haram insurgents. There have been speculations that the Chibok girls abducted by the sect were taken to this forest.

Reports surfaced last week that Nigerian troops had finally invaded Boko Haram’s notorious hideout in Sambisa Forest as a part of actions to suppress the terrorists.

Source: naij.com

Ebonyi Assembly declares 4 lawmakers’ seats vacant

…Summons 2 commissioners, Accountant-Gen, Auditor-Gen

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The Ebonyi State House of Assem­bly yesterday, de­clared four law­makers’ seats vacant for alleged contravention of section 109 subsection 1G of 1999 Constitution by dumping the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that brought them into the House before the expi­ration of their tenure.

The affected members include Eni Uduma Chima representing Afikpo South West, Mrs. Hellen Nwobasi representing Abakaliki South, Sam Nwali representing Ikwo North and Mrs. Mabel Aleke representing Ohaukwu South.

The Speaker of the House, Chukwuma Nwazunku, while adopting the resolution of the House through voice votes said the four members, after the PDP primaries defected to another party leaving the party that elected them into the House and thereby contravened the constitution. But while react­ing on the resolution of 14 members out of 24 members, Hon. Eni Chima said the issue of declaring seats of honour­able members vacant could not hold on the ground that it was the subject matter of a suit pending before the Fed­eral High Court holding in Abakaliki.

The House also sum­moned the state Commis­sioner for Finance, Commis­sioner for Local Government, Accountant-General and Auditor-General of the state to appear before the House to ex­plain the expenditure of funds accrued to the state.